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Antique Shop

Developer Meridian'93

Open Antique Shops all over the world and earn enough money to finance an archaeological expedition to Greece! Plan out your trip and ...



Car Organizer Deluxe is a program that enables you to organize information about your favorite car models. You can access and view ...



Art and Antiques Organizer Deluxe is a program designed for private and corporate collectors, small galleries, dealers, artists ...

NM Collector Software

Developer nmCollector Net LLC

NM Collector Software can be used to manage any type of collection, be it stamps, coins, gems, knives, or guns. The type of collection is ...

Mall Manager

Developer Akalfon Enr.

Mall Manager is a powerful networkable mall management software designed to meet the needs of the largest and ...


Developer HomeGenie

HomeGenie is a Home Inventory and Organizer program providing a plan of your home and a digital and ...

Best Furniture Store Software

Developer Best Furniture Store Software

Lowest price. Easy to learn and use. Free upgrades and free tech support. No ongoing usage fees or hidden charges. Feature-rich ...

Frostbow Collection Manager

Developer Frostbow Software

Frostbow Collection Manager is a full featured database program for cataloging, organizing, and tracking antiques and collectibles. ...

Dealer Manager

Developer Akalfon Enterprises

Anteq Dealer Manager is the leading business software package for private antique dealers and for dealer store owners. If you own your own ...

Antique Mysteries - Secrets of Howard's Mansion

Developer Casual Mechanics

He refused to explain why. Adding to the mystery, Sheldon hid his most prized antique collection throughout these rooms shortly ...



InventoryPower is an inventory software that designed specially to meet the requirements of small and ...

Antique Map Price Record - Electronic Edition

Developer MapRecord Publications

This new edition adds 5,200 new records, with the total database now at over 138,000 records. The Antique Map Price Record ...

MessLess Inventory

Developer MessLess Software

MessLess Inventory is an inventory tracking utility that is 100% customizable. All elements of the program ...

CalAnt POS

Developer Sangfran Enterprises

Consignment shop, Craft Co-op, Antique Mall - all have very similar business models. Each sale is done ...

AfterScan Antique

Developer Michael Morozov

Afterscan Antique uses the same OCR platform to analyze texts containing old syntax, this is especially useful for users trying to write or ...

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